Why Your Business Data is Not Recoverable

Why is your business data backup probably not recoverable? We discovered a startling fact through performing many IT consulting and asessments with small and medium businesses over the years. We discovered only 1 out of that 20, at best, had reliable, tested and maintained backups. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t realize they don’t have backups until […]

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The 2 Most Costly Misconceptions About Business IT Support

Misconception #1: My network doesn’t need regular monitoring and preventive maintenance.
This is probably one of the biggest and most costly misconceptions that businesses have. Usually this is because they’ve been fortunate enough never to have encountered a major disaster. they think it won’t happen to them. But that’s similar to someone thinking they don’t need […]

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Six Steps to Transform your IT Support

Looking for a way to transform your company’s I.T. into a stable, efficient profit and growth tool? Here are six steps that if followed with absolute discipline will not only transform your I.T. but will transform your business. Once a step is complete, it becomes a “layer” that is updated and revised throughout the life […]

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